IT Training

Global IT Solutions USI, Inc. (GITSUS) offers a comprehensive program of training courses tailor made for a wide variety of different situations. We strongly believe that training is one of the most critical factors for the success of any IT organization.

Towards that, we have dedicated a substantial part of our business to the training of individuals interested in keeping up with the pace of technology. We believe that students should walk away from our courses with knowledge of how a particular technology is used in the real world.

Our Training Highlights

  • We use the latest technology and presentation tools to teach our students.
  • Flexible hours available during the day, weekends and evenings
  • Fully qualified & certified faculty
  • Personal attention to everyone
  • Certification guidelines
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Placement assistance for qualified candidates

Mobile Apps Development Training – Android or iOS

The smartphone and tablet market is booming and if you have plans to build a career in Mobile Apps developer, you have come to the right place.

We, at GITSUS, invite Associate Degree/BS/MS in Computer Science or a related field and are interested to build a career in Mobile Apps Developer to attend our free training workshops (Online or In-house)… If you have done Objective-C or Java courses in your Associate Degree/BS/MS…please contact our office for Mobile Apps Developer training.

Why Mobile Apps Development?

  • Growing job market in Mobile Apps Development
  • Mobile Apps Development hottest field for the next 10 years or more
  • Number of companies entering into Mobile App’s is increasing day by day
  • You can earn money by uploading your Mobile App into market

We provide

  • Free Training on Mobile Apps Development (Android or iOS)
  • Quality training by experts who has several years of Mobile App’s Development experience
  • The Mobile Apps Developer training will be for 4 to 6 weeks (Online or In-house)
  • Develop one live application as part of the training
  • In-depth training and assisting in resume preparation
  • Candidates successfully completing the training will be placed on the project