Global IT Solutions USI, Inc. (GITSUS) is a IT Services Provider. Change is the only constant. We realize this fact and have inculcated this philosophy to provide Clients the flexibility of solutions on a range of technology platforms using innovative techniques that fit their exact needs. At the same time, we create the processes and define the methodologies that would enable reusability and reduce delivery life cycles.

Custom Software Solution

Our services comprise software development, integration, customization, and testing, together with solution offers related to our software assets. We are also using Open Source Software components and software created by our strategic partner network to make our solution offer more comprehensive. By having a global presence, and concentrating on outsourcing, we are able to offer global customers the right expertise in the right numbers anywhere in the world.

Because of our global presence and combined onshore/offshore model, we can take large and complex projects, doing end-to-end work, and being a true strategic partner for our customers.

Offshore Development

Offshore services help companies focus on their core business, save on cost, or to pave way for rapid growth. In recent years, outsourcing in the software industry has gone from being optional to the imperative for success. We offer unbeatable solutions for companies looking to capitalize on the benefits of scale, quality, and economy that offshore sourcing brings. Our offshore centers offer a full range of expertise in development, verification, testing and implementation of all types of services for software companies.

Where to outsource is a question of many factors including cost, security, and compatibility. With offshore operations in several locations, GITSUS offers outsourcing services to anyone, anywhere in the world, enabling major companies to produce innovative software solutions on time, within budget and within scope. We operate various business models so that we can always provide the best delivery and price combinations.GITSUS offers you excellent project services, all according to your choice: offshore, nearshore – meaning close to where you are, but still cost-efficient – or blended services.

We have built a solid reputation for providing relevant and timely IT services at competitive prices. GITSUS is one of the fastest-growing IT service companies in the US. GITSUS provides state of the art software consulting, customization, implementation, network solutions, E-commerce and project management services for leading industries on all platforms.

What we can offer

  • IT consultants with excellent technical expertise and the ability to work under pressure
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to fit your business needs and budget
  • Very competitive rate structure in the IT industry
  • Resources, flexibility, in-depth expertise and technical rigor